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  • Mahogany - This wood is often used as the standard by which all other hardwoods are judged. Mahogany is an attractive reddish-tan color. This wood turns to a richer, deeper red as it ages.
  • Mesquite - Beautiful wood that comes from a short scrub tree. Mesquite wood is heavy, hard and strong. It is a reddish brown in color with a cream to yellow sapwood.
  • Purple Heart - The name comes from the wood always having some shade of purple in it.
  • Red Heart - Also known as Chactacote - This unique wood has a fine texture and tight grain. It is vivid red in color and occasionally highlighted with bright yellow streaks. Over a period of time Red Heart eventually turns a really rich, amber brown which is still attractive in color.
  • Walnut - A warm darkish brown with hints of black. May have areas that are a distinct creamy beige color. This is the sap wood (new wood) which grows closest to the bark.
  • Yellow Heart - Wow! Imagine a wood as yellow as a legal pad and then you have yellowheart. A simply beautiful yellow, tight grained wood. If you like the color yellow this is the wood for you!
  • Zebra Wood - Hailing from Africa this wood's name comes from the distinctive color of the wood - a golden yellowish brown with jet black stripes.
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